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Near the Hanjiang River in central China, amid the lush, pine-covered Qinling Mountains that once were dotted with Daoist shrines and where giant pandas now roam, is the Dayu Cave.

Its entrance is small, only a few meters high and wide.

Tech & Science delivered to your inbox Tan says the study marks the first time researchers have been able to do an on-site comparison of historical and geological records from the same cave.

“The inscriptions were a crucial way for us to confirm the link between climate and the geochemical record in the cave, and the effect that drought has on local society,” he says, echoing earlier statements he’s made.“This is quite unusual.

A fragment of a high‐quality black and red‐ ware flat dish inscribed in Tamil in the Tamil‐Brahmi script was found in the earliest layer.

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The last letter of the inscription, which is retroflex Tamil ‘Ri’, is very clearly a Tamil phoneme in Tamil Brahmi script, academics commented.

The religious and philosophical subjects of the manuscripts include works on Taoism, Buddhism, Nestorianism, and Judaism (at least one of the manuscripts is in Hebrew).

Many of the texts are scriptures, but they also cover politics, economy, philology, military affairs and art, written in several languages predominated by Chinese and Tibetan.

Sinhala, as an identifiable language appears in the inscriptions from c. Several small fragments of pottery with a few Tamil‐Brahmi letters scratched on them have been found from the Jaffna region.

However, a much more sensational discovery is a pottery inscription from an excavation conducted at Tissamaharama on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka.

When the Library Cave, known as Cave 17 from the Mogao Cave Complex at Dunhuang, China, was opened in 1900, an estimated 40,000 manuscripts, scrolls, booklets and paintings on silk, hemp and paper were found literally stuffed into it.