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However, he may feel that (selfishly) he can have you without the commitment, and also he may feel that the arrangement he has with you precludes you from ever really being GF material.

i rather be dating him than not being with him at all. it wasn't that i put the blame on him; questioning why he didnt want a relationship, but more like.. A man would not keep you in his life and treat you this way if he didn't have any interest at all.

Theres always just THAT feeling at a specific moment and I currently have THAT feeling to confess to her.

Does anyone have like a similar story so I could know whats to come?

They exchanged information and set a date to get together once they were back in California. The good times continued back on the west coast, and after a month of these fun and passionate dates she was deeply in love with this new man.

It was only then that he said, “So, I think I should tell you that I’m still married. I want to be with him.” And then she asked me what I was hoping she wouldn’t ask, “What do you think I should do?

Ive only been dating this girl for a month but Ive already fallen in love with her, its not like puppy love either, i can see myself getting married with her.

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we would have talks about it every few weeks or so because it would get to me. he admitted that he was a little scared of one.additional info: his girlfriend of 5 years cheated on him and it really took a toll on his heart and his life. the thing was that we ended up NOT calling it quits because initially.. Consider this a growing experience, a practice relationship if you will.

I started, “Melissa, my tendency in life is to play the odds.