Life in a cubicle a guide to dating a coworker

22-Nov-2016 14:36

In an era when the lines between our personal and professional lives have blurred — when we're Facebook friends with our boss and spend more time at work than anywhere else — it would be natural to think the stigma over office hook-ups has lessened.

And it has, to some extent, if the relationship involves people who are truly peers.

If work isn’t work anymore, why would a workplace romance be off-limits?

And what better place to find people who share your passions?

Although there are plenty of no-brainer duh reasons why you shouldn’t get romantically involved with a coworker, office hook-ups are laughably inevitable.

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But just because certain colleagues make you want hit CTRL Z on your latest conversation, doesn't mean you can avoid them. And if you leave this job in hopes of having "normal" coworkers at your next, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Turns out, getting along with coworkers was one of the most critical skills for success.

Reports show that more and more companies are instituting policies about workplace romance.

In a 2013 survey by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), 42 percent of the 380 H. professionals canvassed said they have written or verbal policies in place — a figure that has more than doubled since 2005. In a survey released last week by the Employment Law Alliance, 72 percent of the attorneys who responded said their corporate clients address office relationships in policies or employee handbooks.

While some companies have guidelines against in-office romances, following the rules can be impossible, especially when the sexual tension is too much to ignore.

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And to be fair, it’s not all bad — according to a 2011 Career Builder study, about 30% of all workplace romances lead to marriage., Barnes & Noble was so offended that someone would actively encourage co-worker hookups that it initially refused to stock the book.

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