Methodist church candidating for ministry

15-Dec-2016 11:25

The Board of Ordained Ministry, along with the Ministerial Assessment Specialists, will make the determination as to what will be expected from the candidate.

The candidate or the DCOM may contact the Psychological Assessment Registrar to begin this process. Smith may be contacted at 215-429-4592 or [email protected]

Fitness criteria involves determining whether or not a person possesses the personality characteristics that “fit” the requirements for both licensed and ordained ministry in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of The United Methodist Church.

The psychological assessment process must be completed and the District Committee on Ministry (DCOM) must receive an assessment report before the candidate appears before the DCOM to request approval as a certified candidate for ordained/licensed ministry.

Nevertheless, notwithstanding any provision contained in the Laws and Discipline or the decisions of Conference or of the Connexional Executive which seem to indicate the contrary, no legally enforceable contract shall exist at any time between the Church or any of its Circuits on one hand and a Minister on the other hand, in respect of the payment of stipends, allowances or any other material benefit, in cash or kind, the provision of a station or any benefit of any kind which may have at any stage accrued to a minister.

Requirements: 4.4 A Candidate shall be a Member of this Church for a minimum of two years before being nominated in the Circuit Quarterly Meeting.

4.5 The minimum educational standard of Candidates for the Ministry is the Senior Certificate, a Matriculation Exemption or an equivalent qualification.

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—1 Corinthians 12:4-6 Review the Candidate Checklist, summarizing the steps within the process.

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