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03-Sep-2016 13:25

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By default, these files are in your i Tunes folder.

To find your folder: Mac: Make sure that you're in Finder.

This process could take upwards of an hour or two, depending on how much data stored in your i Tunes library.

Once you've transferred a copy of your i Tunes library onto an external hard drive, you will need to set a new path for the i Tunes app by redirecting it to search the external hard drive for content, rather than your local drive.

With Super Sync, you’ll enjoy more functionality from i Tunes Match.

You can easily consolidate libraries, remove duplicates, access your library from more computers, match more tracks, and upgrade the bitrates of matched tracks.

Music can be stored along with other media on i Tunes.

It will maintain various files which will contain information about the content in your library.

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Super Sync makes the process super easy and intuitive.i Tunes will write those files in a format that is easily readable so that all other applications can also get a compiled list of the content of the library.If you have two libraries, Library 1 and Library 2, and you would like to add Library 2’s contents to Library 1, you will have to go to the Media folder on i Tunes that has your content.If a house has more than one personal computer to manage, you can then consolidate the libraries of i Tunes from multiple devices into one single library on a selected computer.

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On account of the large size of many i Tunes libraries, it is not easy to consolidate them.

Super Sync does have lots of options, and you'll need to spend some time in the app to understand how to tap its full potential. Super Sync's unique library viewer lets you see two libraries at the same time.