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01-Oct-2016 03:49

Overview Liquidation is a process where the company’s assets are seized and realised, with the resulting proceeds used to pay off its debts and liabilities.

Any surplus is then distributed among the contributories of the company according to their rights and interests, or otherwise dealt with as the constitution of the company directs.

A creditors’ voluntary liquidation is the most common type of liquidation for an insolvent limited company.

A majority of shareholders must vote to adopt a resolution to voluntarily wind up the business.

When the liquidation is complete the company is removed from the Register of Companies. From the date of liquidation the liquidator takes custody and control of all the company’s unsecured assets and assists secured creditors where necessary.

The purposes of a liquidation are: Just distribution of assets When a company is being wound up, the company’s business ceases to operate and its assets and affairs are handed over to an independent liquidator whose powers, duties and functions are regulated by the Companies Act (Cap 50).CGT normally leads to lower tax bills than dividends (even more so since April 2016 due to dividend tax changes), but not always, so check with your accountant first.If your company has 1-2 directors/shareholders, no liabilities, and the only asset is cash in the bank, MVL Online® can provide a formal MVL service direct to companies Nationwide for the low fixed fee of £995 VAT plus disbursements for advertising and bonding.Directors are also required to help the liquidator locate the business records and assets, and to answer any questions about the company and its business.

It is an offence for a director to destroy, hide or remove property, records or other documents. The liquidator will also check whether the directors or shareholders owe any money to the company, and whether any offences have been committed.To fully understand the process, first make sure your business is a limited company.

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